HATE is not helpful.

Someday, I hope, Americans will figure out that promulgating hate is not a constructive behavior pattern.

Hate of non-white people, same-sex couples, and countless other forms of irrational discrimination does not generate any useful upside for anybody in the long term.

Burnt cycles, burnt children, burnt lives. Grow up. Get over it.


  1. jonolan


    You know – aside from our mutual – but impersonal – hatred, we’d probably get along very well. πŸ˜‰

  2. Dan

    Agreed, which is why I find it wholly useful to hate everyone, myself included. Why should hatred be so singularly directed? πŸ˜€

    Shawn – the problem with explaining these concepts is that people who can understand it generally don’t hate in the first place. THe bigoted (myself excluded, naturallement) are, obviously, incapable of rational thought to begin with.

  3. jonolan

    Agreed and wholeheartedly so – but let’s add hate of White people to that list as well. The racism among Blacks is as pernicious as that among Whites.

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