Closed System = Less Support

Last week, Will outed me for switching from my Treo 750 to an iPhone 3G. It’s been a love-hate adjustment, not without pain.

For many years now, I have been using J. River MEDIA CENTER to manage my media. In fact, Will turned me on to JRMC way back when. iTunes is not capable of managing terabytes of distributed data across numerous devices. JRMC makes iTunes look like a toddler’s toy.

Over the years, J. River has worked diligently to break through the stupid walls that Apple keeps putting up in each of their new iPods. It’s non-trivial work. If I had to manage my iPod Classic 160GB with iTunes, I’m certain I’d swallow a bullet! My family thanks you, JRMC!

Unfortunately, the good folks at J. River have apparently hit their limit of dealing with this closed system bullshit:

We may come back to the iPhone in the future, but for now, we’re not going to spin our wheels supporting Apple.

Shame on Apple for making it so hard for people to support their platform.

One comment

  1. Will

    Did you see that the Opera folks have announced that they have completed an iPhone version of their terrific browser and that Apple won’t let them distribute it. This *has* to cave in on Apple at some point. Even if one disregards the WinMo and RIM ecosystems, one would think that Android would change the playing field.

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