Entertaining Space Reporting

This was apparently the weekend for all the interns at CNN to get to write news stories about stuff happening off our planet. Maybe it went something like “if you do a good job, we’ll let you cover the stratosphere”.

Exhibit 1, courtesty of CNN’s front page (and this one is just stupid):

Space shuttle docks with orbiting station

… The shuttle and station crews were expected to greet each other soon after opening their vehicles’ hatches. …

As opposed to not greeting each other? Or waiting a long time after opening their hatches? WTF?

This one caused me to laugh milk out of my nose. Keep in mind that a run-of-the-mill .22 rifle bullet travels at about a quarter mile per second and weighs a couple grams. Exhibit 2, also courtesy of CNN, emphasis mine:

India probe crash-lands successfully on moon

… Space official Shiv Kumar said the 34-kilogram probe hit the moon surface traveling at … 3,579 mph. Kumar said the probe transmitted sufficient signals to the mother craft before landing, but no more were expected after the impact.

Gee – YA THINK??? A 34,000 gram object impacting at 1 mile per second?

One comment

  1. Dean

    I can understand how rediculous you may interpret “Exhibit 1” as its not really news, but pointing out the painfully obvious. The second though, ‘Exhibit 2’ is actual news. They aren’t trying to inject their own hypothesis into the science of it, they’re reporting what Kumar said.

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