Welcome Scooter and Emma! And Leroy Too!

Against her better judgement, the boss caved today and let us adopt two more cats, bringing the total to four.

A little over a year ago, we adopted two cats from the local shelter. Sadly, Kitty/Magenta didn’t make it – she passed away a couple weeks later due to fatty liver disease – not uncommon among stressed-out cats. Scarlet got through her first two years of life with other cats around, so we didn’t think it was optimal to have her be an only cat.

We kept monitoring the shelter and soon adopted Leroy, a 6-8 year old, big-lug, lovey-dovey, insta-purr gentleman cat to keep Scarlet (and us!) company. Somehow he managed to not get blogged about – shame on daddy! Here are some phone pics from a drive back from the kitty doc this summer. He really doesn’t like his carrier – it’s easier to just let him sit on your lap.



I’ve been bothering the boss for nigh a year now about getting two more cats (we had four cats for a long time until a few years ago). I was pushing to adopt two more older cats (sorry Siam and Molly!), but since Scarlet is an uber-alpha and since Leroy has some issues with his territory, the consensus was that female kittens were probably a much better idea.

This afternoon we brought home two 9-10 week old sisters who we’ve named Scooter and Emma. They’re still in the early stages of acclimating, so no super-cute pics of them yet – just a couple I took last week when they were still in the shelter. More snaps soon!





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