The DEFINITION of Sarcasm :-)

I positively giggled myself out of my chair! When you look up “sarcasm” in the dictionary there should be a picture of Gregg Gillis. Enjoy.


  1. Jameson Detweiler

    Ilya, you might want to read this NY Times article:

    Greg Gillis says what he is doing is considered fair use due to the fact that he only uses clips. This is definitely questionable though due to their length (which is sometimes over 30 seconds).

    Also, I wasn’t saying that the good promotion justified it, simply that the record labels have let him get away with it.

    You’re right though, it would only take one lawsuit over one sample to make his life a mess. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet as he is a pretty serious “rockstar” at this point. The show your friends wen to was one of three. They all sold out and tickets were going for triple.

  2. Ilya Z.

    Jameson – thanks for the clarification.
    I’m assuming that Greg Gillis doesn’t compensate copyright owners for their work. It only takes one unhappy record company or artist whose tracks were used on any of his CDs to make things interesting.
    On the topic of ‘good promotion’ you can claim that Radio stations are also promoting the artists and can skip on the royalties.
    I didn’t attend the show myself, as at the time I never even heard of it. My friends had a great time.

    One thing about IP and law in general – it has little to do with being right or wrong.

    In this case it’s clearly illegal but record companies do nothing about it.
    In other instances the party can be completely right, but when a big company goes after you – it’s a war of attrition and startups don’t have enough money to fight.

    I recall an article about a frivolous lawsuit over the Intel trademark against Intellife Travel.

    Sorry for going on a tangent lol

  3. Jameson Detweiler

    Shawn, are you a Girl Talk fan? I just saw him live last night for the third time last night. Such an a fun show. If we make it out to TechStars this summer, you’ll probably find me with my headphones on and Feed the Animals and/or Night Ripper pumped up during late night sessions.

    Ilya, everything Greg Gillis does is illegal. If the record companies wanted to come down on him, they could in a heartbeat. They don’t though because it is good promotion for their music and because a lot of big artists are supporters of him. In this digital day and age, what is original work and what is not is kind of blurred. I wish our copyright laws would be changed to allow for more freedom. As for being different than a DJ, he isn’t really remixing the tracks, he’s layering them in a specific order that just works and makes for a great dance party. He doesn’t even use DJ software to make and play his music live. How was the Webster Hall show by the way?

  4. Ilya Z.

    I was also wondering about this and the legal angle. A few of my friends went to see ‘Girl Talk’ here at Webster Hall in NYC about 6 months ago. I never heard of that band before – put it into google and heard their mashup remixes via MySpace Music ( They are really catchy and even downloaded a few of their albums (from torrent) to sample. THIS ISN’T THEIR CONTENT and they should not be making money from this.

    I wonder how this is different from DJs that simply remix and play those tunes at live shows?

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