TechStars Comes To Boston!

TechStars, the mentorship-driven entrepreneurship program that has taken Boulder by storm the last two years, is growing! It’s growing to two cities now: Boulder and Boston!

I will be managing the Boston program this summer, and can’t begin to express how jazzed I am about the whole thing!!!

Applications are OPEN for Boulder and Boston – so if you’ve been ruminating about getting that great startup idea of yours off the ground, and you want the best mentoring resources available to you, get your ass in gear and apply NOW!


  1. Vikas Reddy

    I hope you guys have an awesome TechStars for a day on Tuesday! I’m looking forward to finding out which companies are in TechStars this year, met a lot of great prospects at TechStars for a day in Boulder.

  2. Greg G.

    Does managing the program also include helping them sort through the applications? Make sure to take a close look at the SplitP application =)

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