Airline Loyalty

I’m flight-shopping for an upcoming family vacation to the left coast.

While poking around Kayak, I was suddenly struck by my behavior pattern to eagerly seek out flights on JetBlue or VirginAmerica, and my behavior pattern to at-all-costs avoid craptastic airlines like United.

Seems to me that those ‘lesser’ airlines are toast. I’m willing to fly in to and out of non-ideal airports to fly on JetBlue or VirginAmerica over their competitors (never mind that JB and VA are usually cheaper too). I can’t imagine I’m the only person in the country behaving this way.

Kudos to JetBlue and VirginAmerica for running airlines people want to fly on! Shame on the other guys who just can’t get out of their own way — they deserve their fate.

UPDATE: VirginAtlantic FTW!

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