Leroy R.I.P. :-(

We lost one of our cats yesterday 😦

Leroy – the old lug, big galoot, golden kitty – called it a day. He had developed a very unpleasant tumor in his throat.

He was a great kitty. We referred to him as the “insta-purr” cat since the second you started showing him any sort of affection, he revved up the purr engine. Although he wasn’t with us long enough, we’re happy we had him in our home for the time we did, and we’re happy we were able to rescue him from the shelter. The kids spent last night and a chunk of this morning making “I miss Leroy” pictures of him.

He will certainly be missed.


  1. Claire

    Sorry about your cat. We had to put a not-quite-3-month old kitten to sleep a few years ago and it was traumatic for all of us – especially the kids who were more affected by the kitten’s death than any other death so far. We immediately got a new kitten as a companion for our surviving kitten who was going a little crazy.

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