Seeking Mac Software – Address Book Tool

I tweeted on this and came up 110% empty. Let’s see if a blog post gets us any further πŸ™‚ .

In Windows land, there is a very useful app called Anagram. I’ve been a happy user of Anagram for probably five years or more. What Anagram basically does is allow you to select some text and then hit a key (I used to use F12) and it would automagically take that text, parse it, process it, and put it into your address book (Outlook, in my case, though I think it worked with others too). It let you do a nice pass over the data to make sure it was kosher before you hit the final commit. It’s a nice app – I highly recommend it!

On OSX I can find nothing equivalent, and not for lack of looking. Can anybody point me in some useful directions?

Most importantly, I need it to work inside Thunderbird (Thunderbird extension, anybody?!?!?) and feed However, it should also work across any application – processing any selected text, or data on the clipboard from within Pages, Word, Firefox, Safari, Evernote, TextEdit, Preview, and so on and so forth.

If nothing exists, could one of you creative folks out there please whip one up? The Anagram guys have been making money on this for a long time. LinkedIn even licensed their technology for their “grab” toolbar. There’s gotta be a Mac market for something like this, no? And of course you can charge an extra $5 to $10 over what Anagram does, just ‘cuz you’re selling to Mac users πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ .


  1. Shawn

    Keep kickin’ ass Steve! So far, WhoPaste is serving all my basic needs. At some point in the near future I’ll have more time to delve deep into it and I won’t be bashful with comments, suggestions, gripes, etc. πŸ™‚

    Oh, and you’re totally under-charging for it, dude.

  2. Steve

    Hi Shawn

    This is the developer of WhoPaste! Thanks for the mention on Twitter! I am still Twit-noob and am not certain of the response protocol…

    Let me know anything that would make it more useful to you.

    As far as I know Thunderbird allows you to see the Mac Address Book from within the application. So does the existing WhoPaste->Address Book functionality give you what you are looking for as a Thunderbird user? If not, tell me why not and I’ll get it fixed.

    The next release (2.1) features archiving, preliminary automatic printer support, script-based post-processing and optional capture of email sender if extraction does NOT contain an email and the source document was an email, in addition to a bevy of changes related to hint files.

    I’m serious – we’re taking WhoPaste to the limit.

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