The Importance of Co-Founders

Although some folks are renaissance guys or gals who can do everything, the statistical rates of success for sole founders of tech companies are not attractive. TechStars has been helping fledgling tech companies for over three years now, and we’ve found that the magic number of founders seems to be 2.6 or so. Yeah, it sucks to be the .6 guy 😉 .

Finding co-founders however is tough. Really tough. These relationships are more like marriages than work relationships. I’ve certainly spent more hours with at least one of my repeat-offender co-founders than I have with my wife!

Recently, a program called Founder Dating emerged in CA. A group of smart folks here in Boston decided we needed something like that in our local ecosystem, and are making it happen. The first event is behing held next week Wednesday 12/16 at 1800 ET at MS N.E.R.D. You can learn more and sign up here.

So if you have a great startup you’re working on and you need a technical co-founder, or a marketing co-founder or a bizdev co-founder, sign up! If you’re co-founder material and are looking for a new startup to sink your teeth into, we want to hear from you!

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