O.N.C.E. In Hell — A Culinary Adventure

For those of you who have been living in a cave of late 😉 this week marks the premiere (three shows only) of O.N.C.E. In Hell. From JJ’s blog post:

This is a dinner with a full performance. The menu and the script were written together, as a play, by a really amazingly creative group of women, three of whom are cooking- as Cuisine en Locale. It’s not going to be a goth night, it is going to be an art-for-arts-sake literary interpretation of the text.

Jennifer, the show’s Assistant Head Chef, assures us this is not about spicy food. It’s ten courses of haute cuisine plus Dante – damn – what could be cooler than that?!?!?

The show goes on on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights this week in Cambridge at the American Repertory Theater’s Oberon theatrical club space. Apparently the Thursday show is just about sold out, but there are still some tix available for Tuesday and Wednesday, so have at ’em!

The boss and I are counting the hours ourselves!!!

One comment

  1. Jen


    We are so excited to bring our theatrical and culinary interpretation of Dante’s Inferno to the Cambridge community. Cuisine en Locale (that’s us) does these multi-course O.N.C.E. dinners with all local and sustainably-sourced food. We’ve been working closely with a number of Boston-area farms, including Keown Orchards and Stillman’s Farm (both at DTC farmer’s market til Christmas Eve), to bring you tasty versions of lust, gluttony, avarice, wrath, heresy, violence, fraud, and treason. We assure you, we’ve read the text carefully, so we won’t just be hitting you with five alarm chiles – some courses might not even be hot at all. Also, most of the food is even suitable for vegetarians.

    Thanks so much for the write-up! I can’t wait to see you in Hell 😉


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