Cultural Revolutionaries

The inimitable Scott Kirsner put together a fun group of twenty Boston area innovation troublemakers for a dinner last night at MS NERD to talk about what we can all do to maintain and accelerate innovation in MA. I was honored to be invited and thrilled to spend a few hours eatin’ BBQ, downin’Dew, and kickin’ ideas around with these great folks.

Here’s a manual photo stitch from a bunch of phone snaps – you can click on it to see a bigger version:

From left to right, we had Bijan Sabet, Nabeel Hyatt – leaning back, behind Scott Kirsner, Jon Pierce, Tim Rowe, Jason Schupbach, Jason Evanish, Bill Warner, Gus Weber, Shawn Broderick (YT), Bobbie Carlton, Kate Imbach, Doug Levin, Cort Johnson, David Beisel (hiding behind Cort), Jeffrey Bussgang, Brian Halligan, and last but not least, Joost Bonsen. Tim Hwang and Mike Hirshland were too busy being revolutionary to join us for dinner last night 😉 .

Bobbie and Jason both did nice write-ups on what was discussed, so I’ll happily let them tell that part of the story!

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