Montgomery Cheddar – WOW!

I appreciate that 99% of the time, the words “Cheddar” and “WOW” do not belong in the same sentence. However, I had an epiphany this weekend – and its name was “Montgomery”.

Montgomery Cheddar is made at Manor Farm in Somerset in the UK. They’ve been making artisanal Cheddar for generations. This stuff is amazing and completely redefines how your brain thinks of “Cheddar”. It’s aged. It’s firm. It’s flaky. It’s downright dirty – and I mean that in a good way! You can seriously taste the terroir from which these cows were sourcing their sustenance. The finish is downright earthy! I mean, just take a look at this stuff!

Have YOU eaten Cheddar cheese that looks like that before?

Manor Farm makes just over 3,300 lbs of Cheddar cheese each week (roughly 60 wheels at 56 lbs each of so). Each round ages 14 to 20 months. By way of comparison, Cabot makes about 150,000 pounds of Cheddar cheese each day.

This stuff is purportedly the standard against which all Cheddar cheeses are compared. I have bad news for anybody who makes Cheddar cheese: you can’t compare.

The great news is that Wasik’s has this stuff IN STOCK right now. Get your ass to Wellesley center!


  1. Dave

    So while the rest of us are shoveling out, clearing our roofs, and braving the elements just to keep the basic necessities on the table, you’re having a cheesegasm and imploring us to saunter over to the Wellesley to buy imported cheddar.

    You’re a real man of the people, Broderick, you know that?


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