The Tasty Sausage of Startups

Startups are all about making sausage. Until the mixture ends up in the casing, it’s messy, chaotic, unattractive and even scary. And of course once you’ve got one set of sausage made, you start all over again! This is the life we choose :).

play140 is at a stage where we’re rapidly shoving stuff into casing these days. The first few links are out, and DAMN they’re yummy! Crazy marketing traction. Truly global uptake. All sorts of double and triple digit stat growth on a daily basis. We’re all working like dogs to fill the casings but lovin’ every minute (and there are lots of minutes!) of it. Over the next week or so this batch of sausage will be wrapped up – so I for one am lookin’ forward to a few great weeks of progress!

Nom nom nom! Sausage!


  1. Uncle Francis

    If you need me to make chicken cutlets just let me know,or pick up cannoli’s,whatever just let me know.Glad to about # 1.We send all our love forever & always

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