I want to like the Xoom

Dear VerizonWireless:

I stopped by my local VerizonWireless store last night on my way home. I put my name into the queue for help and then proceeded to wait for 20 minutes or so for someone to call my name.

I was informed (finally) that the return policy on the Xoom is a $70 restocking fee; plus the cellular service fee for the period; and it’s a 14 day window. So basically it’s $100 to spend time with this thing and figure out if I want one for $800 (no contract). Maybe folks were lining up yesterday morning around the block to buy Xooms at your stores across the country – but I’d be very surprised.

There’s gotta be a better way to get people over the hump, guys.

NOT buying a Xoom,


PS: Honeycomb is neat! Can’t wait to get it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab (officially or via cyanogen/xda).


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