Heavy Rotation

Been doing some deep dives into some new and old artists over the past few weeks. Thought I’d share the love.

  • Chiddy BangThe Preview is available online. Definitely check out Nothing on We.
  • Girl Talk – I’m a serious Greg Gillis fanboi, but damn if All Day isn’t easily his best yet.
  • Kid Cudi – The more I listen to his stuff, the more I love it.
  • Lupe FiascoLASERS is finally out! It demands you use your brain a bit though – you are forewarned.
  • Mos Dub – DJ Max Tannone has done a superb mix of Mos Def with lotsa dub. It’s a freakin’ blast!
  • William FitzsimmonsGold In The Shadows dropped today. Workin’ through it – really distinctive stuff.
  • Nappy Roots – These Kentucky gentlemen redefine country! I’m partial to their older work.
  • Rhymefest – Seriously – what do they put in the water in Chicago? Che, Common, Cudi, Kanye, Lupe….
  • The Roots – I was slow on the uptake on these guys, but How I Got Over is officially over in my track list.
  • Sam AdamsBoston’s Boy!
  • Swollen Members – Check out Black Magic and Bad Dreams.

Check ’em out, and may an eargasm be upon you.


  1. Dan

    Are you kidding me!?! This is *not* the playlist of one SB. Where’s the sexy jazz? This is far too hip and with it.

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