A Fascinating Scotch

First off, I should say that I am NOT a scotch guy. I’m a bourbon guy, through and through to my bones. Over my plentiful years I have tried myriad single-malt, high-quality scotches and they’ve never captured my palette or imagination. My working assumption is that I have something (undoubtedly irrational) against filtering my liquor through burnt vegetation – in the case of scotch, peat. I’m also not a fan of JD – in that case, sugar maple.

But I was totally intrigued by the idea of Glenmorangie’s Lasanta scotch.

It’s a twelve-year-old, single-malt scotch. Of those twelve years, it spends the first ten aging inside previously-used bourbon barrels that they apparently purchase and then loan to an unnamed bourbon producer in the US – who presumably leverages them for 4-6 years and then ships ’em out. You can only use a bourbon barrel once for making bourbon. The Lasanta scotch is then decanted out of these bourbon barrels and put into previously-used sherry casks for a final two years of aging. How’s that for different!

Just to put this out of the way quickly, if you offered me a twelve year old bourbon that had been aged with sherry or cherries or berries or whatever – I’d probably turn my nose up at you ‘cuz I’m a bourbon snob. So if you’re a scotch aficionado and you think this whole idea is moronic, I completely hear you! However, since I am not a scotch aficionado, I’m really digging this stuff! It has a very bourbon-y finish. A complex (to say the least) nose, and the sherry part of it does not overwhelm. The burnt peat is still in there – for sure. It’s a scotch – without doubt – but it’s a scotch mellowed by the bourbon barrel, and spiced-up by the sherry cask residues. If you’re a bourbon nut, you should try this out. It’s not trivial to find, unfortunately, but it is out there!

Happy whiskey!

One comment

  1. Jen Ede

    Must try. Thanks for the recommendation, D! I just recently got more into bourbon, being more of a scotch girl myself.

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