Forbes Crunched

My tweetstream has been backfilled this evening with (entirely deserved!) kudos upon HubSpot regarding their placement in Forbes’s America’s 100 Most Promising Private Companies article. Since I pay attention to regional tech startup competitiveness, I was curious to slice and dice Forbes’s numbers on a state level to see what’s what.

It’s admittedly a roughshod cut of the data, but here’s the quick output:

The first set of numbers are for the complete 100 companies in the list. The second set are for the 48 of the companies that are technology firms (my analysis*). Green numbers are above the mean for the category and red numbers are below the mean.

I am neither drawing conclusions nor making any value judgements on the output (yet). Just sayin’…


* These are software companies and computer hardware companies. The medical company that sells systems that read doctor’s notes is included. The medical company that makes artificial hearts is not included. If you don’t like my division, do your own analysis 😉

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