It being “that time of year” when flowers start poking their small, colored, wonderfully-odiferous heads up out of the winter’s cold soil, I happened to be sitting next to a vase of yellow flowers in my living room this evening wondering “are those daffies or jonquils?”

It turns out that ‘daffodil’ is a common language name for the plant genus Narcissus. Linguists believe that the ‘daffodil’ sobriquet derived from the Dutch – but they’re apparently not 100% certain how it came about! The jonquil is a specific type of daffy: Narcissus jonquilla. Some folks refer to all daffies as jonquils, but that’s technically incorrect, as jonquils are just one species witin the genus Narcissus.

Additionally, it turns out that Narcissus jonquilla is one of the two species of Narcissus primarily used in perfumery – alongside Narcissus poeticus. So when you see a scent that includes daffodil or narcissus, it may contain the odor of our friendly, spring jonquil.

Ya learn sumthin’ new every day!

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