PLEASE Help Xeko!

So I don’t often make unabashed pleas for help, but this is one of those times 🙂 .

I NEED A FAVOR! Please help bring Xeko back from the brink of extinction!

I am part of the Xeko project that JUST LAUNCHED (w00t!) on Kickstarter! Xeko is a paper-based collectible/tradable card game that was created a number of years ago, was launched, and, sadly, failed. We are bringing the game “back from the brink of extinction” by moving it ONLINE.

Our goals with this Kickstarter effort are to leverage the crowdfunding community to:

  • find and build a passionate pre-release user base for the game – from alpha testers to beta testers and beyond;
  • learn from our backer community what they want from THEIR game that we haven’t thought of yet; and finally
  • get the funding we need so we can get the game made and released!

Crowdfunding only works if, well, the ‘crowd’ ‘funds’ (Q.E.D.!). So I’m asking for your support. You can do any and/or all of the following things to be helpful:

  1. Tell your friends about the Kickstarter campaign! The more the merrier! The words ‘crowdfunding’ and ‘bashful’ don’t work together well :-).
  2. Support the Kickstarter campaign! You can back Xeko with as little as one single dollar to show your love!
  3. Tell your friends!!!! Yes, it’s in there twice – it’s THAT important!
  4. Follow Xeko on Facebook, Twitter, and beyond – details below.

Here’s where you can find Xeko online to help in your SHARING efforts (please help!):


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