Meet Sabo. Our newest family member!


Please meet Sabo! He joined our family this afternoon and is VERY happy thus far! His name is pronounced SAY-bo. Sabo is a nearly-one-year-old doggie who hails originally from down south, N’awlins way. He was a stray that was taken in and fostered south of the Mason-Dixon for a few weeks and then transported up to MA via the PHENOMENAL folks at S.H.A.R.E. New England. Sabo is a mutt. We think he has some Chow in him and some Golden Retriever – and who knows what else. We don’t really care much. What we DO care about is that he’s apparently the happiest, cutest, friendliest, loviest creature on the planet! He’s basically a fifty-pound lap dog who can take every bit of affection you can dole out – and then some 🙂 .

Wish us luck!


  1. elabednarek

    It’s so awesome you adopted this cute guy and Milo. I collect stray animals from the streets too and I’ve experienced how damn hard it is to find a home for them – way more difficult than running a startup.

    If you’re looking for partners to play chess with or sth like that, consider adopting rats. I took six from a lab 2 years ago and they were the smartest and funniest creatures I’ve lived with (they do a lot of damage though ;))

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