Unicorns Require Capital (Duh)

If you are putting together a deck or pro-formas that show that you intend to be a unicorn (> $1B valuation) at some point, please do be thoughtful about how much it’s going to cost you to get there. Entrepreneurs are optimists by nature, which is wonderful. But don’t be silly, please. The below chart shows total capital raised for all of the unicorns and near-unicorns as of yesterday as tracked by Crunchbase. The Y axis has been artificially constrained to $100M (only $100M raised!!!!!) to make a point.


That point is, it’s a lot of fucking blue, huh? Your odds of raising $3M and becoming a unicorn are effectively nil. Breathe in all that blue, my fellow unicorn-hunters and unicorn-striving friends. Take it to heart. Eat it up.

  • N = 203
  • Average Raised = $474M
  • Median Raised = $250M

Finally, the numbers are interesting by country. Ignoring the countries with < 3 unicorns we get the data below, suggesting that (A) it’s REALLY expensive to build a unicorn in India or China and (B) we should all move to or start investing in London ;-).


One comment

  1. Alex May

    Can you suggest something to this idea.
    There is a way of making softbodied cheap robots, that like artifical ants could make things and do other work in different environments.
    As well as several other advances like developm,ent of AI and etc.
    But that is only technical prospects and that is big question how to push it into reality, how to find a market to start from.
    For now I have couple ideas about it.
    Fish-like robots for sea border recon.
    Smart covers for smartphones, to protect it when falling and give haptic feedback and etc.
    Medical robots for non-invasive surgery.

    Sorry for intrusion.
    If something, here is my email — alexander.akuaku@gmail.com

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