About Shawn

Who is this chucklehead anyway? And does he really need to have such a potty mouth? I am Shawn Broderick, a geek, investor, entrepreneur (and general troublemaker) born, bred, and living in Newton MA (although I’m certain the stork meant to drop me in Del Mar and somehow got lost along the way). I can be reached via email at shawn AT broderick DOT org. I hope you find the ruminations contained in this blog at least entertaining, if not informative. You can dig through some of my professional past via my LinkedIn profile and through some of my personal life via my Facebook profile. I also frequently rant and rave via Twitter and muse on visual things on Pinterest. Outside of work, family, and friends, I spend my spare time enjoying music, motorcycles, pipes, and perfumery.

Disclosure: As of 12/08/2017, I have varying levels of involvement in the following companies (in alphabetical order):

…in addition to the hundreds of portfolio companies we have at SOSV.