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Love & Death


Nuthin’ On We

And everything ain’t what it seems
And this is for the people that’s chasing their dreams
Get your money hustler
So could you get your money hustler
But don’t let them take it, rules we breakin’
Tryin’ to get it cause we over-achieve
Mama I made it, now they hate it
But you could trust they got nuthin’ on we
They got nuthin’ on we

– Chiddy Bang

Heavy Rotation

Been doing some deep dives into some new and old artists over the past few weeks. Thought I’d share the love.

  • Chiddy BangThe Preview is available online. Definitely check out Nothing on We.
  • Girl Talk – I’m a serious Greg Gillis fanboi, but damn if All Day isn’t easily his best yet.
  • Kid Cudi – The more I listen to his stuff, the more I love it.
  • Lupe FiascoLASERS is finally out! It demands you use your brain a bit though – you are forewarned.
  • Mos Dub – DJ Max Tannone has done a superb mix of Mos Def with lotsa dub. It’s a freakin’ blast!
  • William FitzsimmonsGold In The Shadows dropped today. Workin’ through it – really distinctive stuff.
  • Nappy Roots – These Kentucky gentlemen redefine country! I’m partial to their older work.
  • Rhymefest – Seriously – what do they put in the water in Chicago? Che, Common, Cudi, Kanye, Lupe….
  • The Roots – I was slow on the uptake on these guys, but How I Got Over is officially over in my track list.
  • Sam AdamsBoston’s Boy!
  • Swollen Members – Check out Black Magic and Bad Dreams.

Check ’em out, and may an eargasm be upon you.

Waitin’ for the Beat to Kick In

… you can live your life in control and be nice,
But even that will not promise you a happy life,
You may think yourself in general to be a nice guy,
But I’m telling you now – that right there is a lie,
Even the nicest of guys has some nasty within ’em,
You don’t have to be backlit to be the villain,
Whether it be greed lust or just plain vindictiveness,
There’s a level of malevolence inside all of us,
You can paint yourself an image and live in your own little dream,
But this ain’t a dream, it’s one big silver screen,
So when you think you’ve got your happy ending don’t ever forget it,
It ain’t over til you hear the sound of your end credits,

Dan le Sac -vs- Scroobius Pip

Amazing Amazing Graces

On a whim this evening, I typed “Amazing Grace” into the search field on the web page for my Squeezebox Server – and gave a listen to the five songs that came back. Eclectic doesn’t even start to cover it!

Dropkick Murphys from Live on St. Patrick’s Day from Boston MA

From the seminal DM recording, well into the evening’s live performance, we can only assume that much alcohol had already been consumed by the time this track came up on the hand-scrawled, beer-smudged playlist. The audio is horrible. The crowd is in a frenzy. The musicians – each and every one – are in craptastic form. It’s quite frankly a complete bloody mess of a performance! It’s perfect Dropkick Murphys!

Brian Torff from Union

The album is credited to Laurence Hobgood (on piano, plus Paul Wertico on drums), but this piece is a solo bass performance by Torff. It’s really quite impressive. You can catch a piece of the performance via the album link.

Marcus Printup from Unveiled

Trumpet blazing – as if Gabriel himself were blowin’ the horn – Printup and pianist extraordinaire Marcus Roberts put forth a truly worthy rendition of the old tune.

The Lemonheads from Hate Your Friends

Only a few months out of his teens, on the band’s debut LP, Evan Dando makes an effort to rip out a Hüsker’d version of Amazing Grace. It certainly qualifies as ‘amusing’, but perhaps nothing more than that 😉 .

Ladysmith Black Mambazo from Long Walk to Freedom

Emmylou Harris joins Joseph Shabalala’s crew in layering two (or three) musical styles – effectively, if not oddly – onto an 18th century hymn. Absolutely distinctive.