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Workin’ Late in Madison

I haven’t spent a ton of time in Madison WI so far during my budding tenure with Murfie, but the days are certainly starting to (happily) add up. I’ve definitely had enough time to find my favorite “late night at the non-office” haunt: Maduro Cigar Bar on East Main – about a block off the Capital.

Maduro is a smoking bar. They serve no food, but you’re welcome to bring in your own – or the barkeep will even help you order some up for delivery. What they DO offer is an impressive selection of cigars, a stellar array of liquors, and a nicely-curated collection of fine wines. Their selection of whiskeys is excellent, and it includes nearly a dozen bourbons – including two I’d never heard of before from FEW and New Holland (yeah, I know, neither is from Kentucky, but they seem to know what they’re doing regardless!). Maduro also clearly knows its way around their classic jazz library, which is on constant rotation FTW!

Crazy pipe smokers like YT are welcome as well. Note that cigarettes are not welcome at all – apparently a function of some city ordinance, which is just fine with me. Primarily it is a cigar spot, but there always seem to be one or two pipe guys to add some diversity to the hand-rolled crowd. I’d like to see them carry a selection of pipe tobacco blends that include cigar leaf. Maduro is a must-check-out spot in Madison if you’re a whiskey fan, cigar lover, or pipe nut.

Oh, and the place is positively hoppin’ after 2200 on a Tuesday night. Enjoy!